Hilton – Elevating Cuisine through Fashion

This Mooncake season, Hilton Hanoi Opera brings a unique blend of premium Mooncakes infused with modern fashion styles to our esteemed customers.

???? With a creative touch, the familiar Mooncake box has been transformed into a distinctive fashion accessory, elegantly striding alongside models on the fashion catwalk. The impeccable craftsmanship and innovative expression have captivated not only the general public but also the most discerning customers.

Since 2018, when Hilton Hotel first introduced this trendy concept, Crego has been proud to accompany Hilton in bringing the captivating imagery of Hilton’s Mooncakes closer to the public and customers. Through our meticulously crafted media and sales kit materials, we have successfully engaged with the audience, allowing them to immerse themselves in the exquisite world of Hilton’s Mooncakes.

At Crego, we understand the power of merging fashion and cuisine to create an exceptional experience for our clientele. Our marketing approach aims to convey the elegance, sophistication, and tastefulness of Hilton’s Mooncakes, ensuring that they resonate with our target audience on a deeper level.

As we continue this exciting journey, we invite you to explore the extraordinary blend of fashion and cuisine, where Hilton Hanoi Opera’s Mooncakes take center stage, making a lasting impression on your senses and leaving you craving for more.

Come and indulge in the perfect harmony of flavors and style, as we redefine the intersection of fashion and cuisine with Hilton Hanoi Opera’s exquisite Mooncakes.

Together, let’s elevate the culinary experience to new heights.

Experience the fusion of Fashion x Cuisine. Experience Hilton Hanoi Opera.


Hilton Hanoi Opera

Art Director

Dy Chu


Tung Cao