Hilton – Tet Hamper

The Tet Hamper campaign, a collaboration between Hilton Hanoi Opera and a talented creative team, seamlessly combines the charm of traditional Tet celebrations with a modern touch. This captivating project revolves around a gift set filled with non-alcoholic beverages and sweet treats, designed to capture the essence of Tet with a contemporary twist.

Meticulously designed with attention to detail, the campaign showcases a harmonious fusion of warm and vibrant tones against a cool backdrop. The captivating visuals highlight the integration of traditional Tet elements alongside modern design elements, creating a visually stunning presentation that evokes both nostalgia and excitement.

The Saleskit, a comprehensive guide meticulously crafted by the creative team, acts as a captivating tool to promote the Tet Hamper. Through captivating visuals and compelling messaging, the Saleskit engages potential customers, enticing them with the diverse range of offerings in the gift set.

Digital platforms are strategically utilized to maximize reach and spread awareness about the Tet Hamper. Electronic promotional materials creatively showcase the unique features and irresistible qualities of the gift set, leveraging the power of technology to attract a wider audience.

To enhance visibility, strategically placed billboards and lobby posters capture the attention of passersby. These eye-catching displays beautifully showcase the delectable contents of the Tet Hamper, creating intrigue and desire among viewers.

Presented by Hilton Hanoi Opera, renowned for its commitment to excellence, the Tet Hamper campaign embodies the spirit of Tet, blending tradition and modernity. With its impeccable design and attention to quality, the campaign promises a memorable and delightful experience for all.

Step into the world of Tet Hamper, where tradition embraces innovation, and the magic of Tet comes to life with a contemporary twist.


Hilton Hanoi Opera

Art Director

Dy Chu


Tung Cao