VISRating’s work process involves meticulous attention to detail, led by Mr. Simon, the Director of VIS Rating, known for his meticulous nature. To ensure a comprehensive exploration of logo options, we presented no less than 15 initial logo designs and their various iterations. Initially, we considered numerous symbols representing Vietnam, such as bamboo, buildings, and conical hats. However, the lotus flower emerged as the distinguished choice to represent VISRating.

The lotus design features a solid core originating from the calyx, forming a circular shape that represents strength and stability. The brand’s iconic blue color, inspired by Moody’s brand identity, instills a sense of professionalism. The accompanying font embodies reliability and steadfastness. Collectively, these elements have shaped an overall logo that has received approval and high praise from VISRating.

This thorough process demonstrates our commitment to finding the perfect visual representation for VISRating. We understand the significance of a logo in portraying the brand’s essence and fostering trust among stakeholders. By combining careful analysis, design expertise, and client feedback, we have successfully crafted a logo that captures the essence of VISRating and aligns with its vision.

Our team at VISRating remains dedicated to delivering outstanding results, paying attention to every detail to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of work. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we strive to provide branding solutions that resonate with our clients’ goals and aspirations.

We are excited to continue our journey with VISRating, leveraging our creative abilities and technical knowledge to support their vision of transforming brand recognition in Vietnam.

Art Director

Dy Chu


Duc Vu